Getting Started in Forex trading.

Getting Started in Forex trading

Many traders jump into the live forex business and lose money almost suddenly due to the desire to use huge leverages to make quick money. There is a reason why the demo link is there for new entrants in the market to keep playing until you become consistent as a demo player. Thereafter commit the trading capital on a live game.

The Forex or the Forex trading  market is in so many ways similar to equity markets although with notable differences. By knowing, the differences between the two will help in understanding and getting started in forex trading.

Choose the Best Forex Broker

With so many forex brokers to choose from, please mind the following:

  • Low Spread

Spread is a calculation done in pips, which brings in the difference between the price of the currency value and its selling price at a particular time. Forex brokers do not charge commission so their earnings come from spread difference in forex trade comparable to the commission in the stock market

The lower the spread the more money you save.




  • Quality Institution

Forex brokers are linked to large banks or lending financial institutions because of the large trading capital needs. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) should have a list of dependable forex brokers whose activities are regulated by the Future Commission Merchant (FCM).

  • Extensive Tools and Research

Forex brokers can help in many trading platforms the way brokers deal in the stock market. The trading platform may feature real-time charts, tools, news, technical analysis, and date that support the trade. Before making up on your mind on a particular broker, ask for a free demo test on different trading platforms. Brokers will offer technical and fundamental information and economic calendars.

Look for a broker who with the right tools for forex trade

  • Wide Range of Leverage Options

Leverage A leverage is a necessity in the forex because of the unstable price value of the currencies. Leverage always expressed as a ration between capital raised and actual capital, which translates to the money a broker, will lend a trader to start trading. For example, a ratio of 100:1 means that the broker gives you $100 for every $1 of the capital spent. Many brokerage firms have a leverage ratio of 250:1 but have it in mind that the lower the leverage the lower risk in a margin call.

If you are a beginner and intend to start trading in forex but with minimum trading capital, look for a broker with high leverage ratio options. Different options are available to give you an option of varying the risk you want to take. If for instance, you go for a trading option with less leverage it means you will encounter fewer risks but highly volatile foreign currency pairs.

  • Type of Account

Brokers will give different types of accounts to trading clients. The smallest one is the mini account that requires the trader to use a minimum amount of $250 that offers the high leverage. For a good win, you need such leverage to make money that corresponds with the size of the initial capital. An account that allows traders to invest using different leverages with a minimum of $2,000 is the standard account. Then you have a premier account that requires higher trading capital and lets the trader use different amounts of the leverage ratio. The trader on a premium account will receive more tools and services for trading.

A broker should be aware of all the accounts and respective leverage options, services, and tools that relate to the trading capital on offer.

Actions to Avoid When Using a Broker in Forex Trading

  • Sniping or Hunting

The buying or selling of forex near their selling points prematurely is a common act committed by brokers hoping to raise their gains. The only way to find out if a broker is sniping or hunting is to talk to other traders because there is no blacklist a body that handle such activities.

Thorough due diligence is recommended when looking for a reputable broker

  • Strict Margins Rules

When trading on borrowed capital, the broker will decide how much to stake. This gives the broker the power to buy or sell at will. This may ruin your reputation. Take the example of a trader who stakes on a margin account, which later on takes a positive gain with enough cash to recover debt, the broker, will decide to liquidate the account on a margin call thereby losing a significant amount of capital. Owning a forex trading account is more or less the same as a trader seeking to have an equity account. The difference between the two is that for the forex, there has to be a margin agreement. The contract states your interest in trading with borrowed capital and the broker has the right to intervene in the trading process for his benefit.

You need to fund your account and start trading.

  • Defining Basic Forex Trading Strategy

n the forex market, the most used approaches in the business are the technical and fundamental analysis. Individual forex traders prefer to use the technical analysis, but the article looks at both.

Fundamental Analysis

This analysis is complex in nature because its value is based on looking at the whole aspect of trading on long-term predictions. Some traders prefer to trade on short-term relating to new opportunities. The fundamental indicators the value of the currency can be seen in the following forms:

  • Non-form payrolls
  • Purchase managers index (PMI)
  • Consumer price index (CPI)
  • Retail sales
  • Durable goods

The above documents are useful in situations that commentary can affect markets. Meetings may involve discussions on inflation, interest rates, and issues relating to currency valuation. Any simple change in the wordings, comments by the Federal Reserve chairperson on rates can also cause some shifts in market volatility. The most interesting meetings to look forward to are the ones held by the Federal Open Market Committee among others.

By reading and examining reports on forex trading commentary gives traders a clear knowledge of long-term trends in the market and enable the short-term trader to gain from unusual trading events. Have an economic calendar to get updates of all the reports as they are released, you can always use a broker to get you the information in real-time.

Technical Analysis

Analyzing the technical aspects of the trade goes into areas such as price trends. Technical analysis in forex trading requires a set time schedule because the forex markets run on a 24-hour basis. Documentation related to technical analysis include

  • The Elliott Waves
  • Pivot points
  • Fibonacci Studies
  • Parabolic SAR

Analysts who prefer to use technical skills get accurate predictions, which involves the combination of Elliot waves and Fibonacci studies. A set of traders will create a trading system that locate the same buying and selling with the right conditions.

Finding Your Forex Trading Strategy

Successful traders must have a working framework and through experience make it perfect. Depending on the areas of interest, some will focus on the wider spectrum to look at trade as the rest study one specific task. The combination of both the technical and fundamental analysis for long-term projection note entry and exit points.

At the end of it all, traders make the final decision even when it

Forex Trading: Factors to Consider

Open a demo account up to the point of consistency in trade and profit making. Avoid getting into the trade and rush to place positions  without proper knowledge of forex trends.

Delink emotional attachments and maintain mental alertness at all times by introducing  a trading plan. This trading plan should be the one guiding you the reasons why you should consider a certain setup.Before jumping in,ask yourelf,does this really meet my criteria? Write down all what you look at and then participate in the trade.

Study the trend with good intentions and only trade when the trend is your friend.A trend will always depend on the timeframe you are trading,but not rigid to a daily trend as many people trade to say.


The forex trading environment is now a big scene in the world and traders try their luck in the business. However, the considerations you have to go through are well explained including the reasons to wait a little longer before you start trading. Make sure your broker has a good reputation  and get a due diligence report about the broker before using that broker. Meanwhile, learn forex trading by opening a demo account and trying it out.


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