Mindset and trading; how you can become the best forex trader by only changing how you think about it.

Many people aspire to become the best traders but the reason they do not become is that they are afraid to take the first step. Anything you do in life is a risk including eating or sleeping. If you do not change the way you condition your mind, and think about the risk and the failure you will never ever grow or start any investment. Take the risk and failure as just a part of emerging the best in every business that you venture into. With this mindset, you will never ever be discouraged in what you do.

The first step of becoming successful trader is taking the first step of imagining yourself becoming the best forex trader. You cannot become what you are not conscious of. You must feel yourself successful mentally even before you start the business. The worst thing is that many people starting a business focus moreon the negative part of it…… what if I get scammed what if what if, my friend, it’s good to have fear, but fear is opposite of faith. Fill your mind with success thoughts, see yourself making it, if there are millions of people who made it why not me? Never ever block yourself by saying it’s not your thing, but you really want it. You have to understand that you are not you, but God/Universe within you will ever be your guide. We should never wish to be good traders but we should always focus our attention on being the best and feel it. What I mean by feeling it is, just assuming what you aspire to be is already a reality.

Never ever say trading is hard, or say it’s not easy for them make such money, they must have cooked those results or it’s just a demo. Never ever say forex trading is like gambling, never ever criticize what you really want to be or have. If you change your tone of how you think about forex trading you are on your way of enjoying the freedom and income that comes with trading. Many newbies or advanced traders who speak ill of this business will never make it. It does not matter which strategies you are going to use. In fact it’s not the strategies that makes you a good trader, it’s your mind.

If you can train your minds to see good anything that you desire in life, feel it and always keep on visualizing it, you will become the best trader believe it or not. What I am giving here is out of my own experience. I totally disregarded the illusion of forex being hard to me, and persisted working on what I really want, and today I can comfortably say it works.

Points to consider before you place a trade.

Every morning after you wake up just before you start your day remind yourself why you are trading, why is this important to you? Why are you doing this, why you want to be a professional and profitable? etc, try to answer your why? This will help you in building emotions that will propel you becoming a professional trader. Without feeling of success, of freedom of making good income and happy with that, it will be hard for you to trade forex for a long-term. Never ever in any given time allow negative thought about forex get a place in your mind, always replace that by affirming that you are the best trader and you are getting the best income and the freedom you  truly deserve.

Before you place any trade, visualize it going into your direction and triggering your take profit, never ever see it going on the other side. Just pay more attention on what you want not what you don’t want. Try to imagine what you visualized is already a reality and build emotions of feeling good, a pro, successful, confidence etc. Note better, you must feel it.

Do not let people’s opinion about what forex is become your reality. Just take it as a mere words if they are not helping you in anyway. All social media which encourage negativity about trading get out of them, do not get a confirmation from any one of how hard forex is because it’s not true. Never ever comment a negative comment about forex trading.

Rely on your way of thinking, do not get influenced to get into a trade that does not met criteria, just wait and another trade is on the way coming for you. This will eliminate FOMO, and increase your patience to wait only for the best set ups that align to your strategy. Do not just say you are lucky, you better lose when you have 100% followed all your trading plans than win out of luck. You should know that trading is not a short term business but rather a long term investment.

Lastly, have a mentor. If you are truly serious of becoming the best trader, having a mentor will help you to stick to one strategy given by your mentor. Do not ever say that your mentor is just there to take your hard-earned money because the strategy seems so simple and its like cannot work for you. Everything is simple in forex, it’s just about how you are conditioned to believe. Mentor will also help you to reduce the time taken in mastering all the concepts of trading. Every strategy will always generate money, if it has been repeated for a long time until you develop instincts. It’s not about knowing how to trade (conscious) you also need your subconscious mind to help you on this. You cannot study all of the forex strategies but if you practice just that one for many years its better than trying million strategies.

If you just follow the few concepts in this article, you are on your way to making enough income for you from forex. You are the best trader, all successful traders once were like you. Just focus on that one thing of making it, disregard all the negative talks about your journey and soon or later………

Paul Mukara
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