Selecting Your Forex Broker, An Ultimate Beginners Guide

Arguably the most crucial element in the entire forex trading process is a forex broker. If you are just starting currency trading, then be sure that you will require the services of a forex broker. As a beginner, besides navigating through the complex world of forex trading, you should know how to tell apart forex brokers and only go for those who guarantee fair dealing and success while at it.

The global forex market is the largest of its kind as players trade trillions of dollars daily. To achieve this brokers are always making play aimed at turning a profit for their clients. The sheer scale of such a market points to a massive team of experts driving the FX market.

With so many forex brokers operating in the global arena, it can be challenging to select your preferred agent. For starters, their numbers make it a slow process since few brokers are keen on your interests. Unfortunately, a large number of them are only in it for their profit. You should be able to identify these types early enough to avoid losing your money.

Who Is A Forex Broker?

Selecting Your Forex Broker, An Ultimate Beginners Guide
Selecting Your Forex Broker, An Ultimate Beginners Guide

A forex broker can be a person or institution that completes trades on a trader’s behalf. Brokers have access to trading platforms on which you can buy and sell currencies. These platforms allow you, as a trader, into the currency markets via a mobile app, web-page, or downloadable software.

Why Do You Need A Forex Broker?

A good FX broker has the potential to turn your investment into a tidy profit. Additionally, they are trustworthy entities that offer not just your portfolio’s security, but also a peace of mind when trading in currencies.

So how does a beginner get about finding a forex broker or brokerage firm? There are certain factors traders need to consider to get a good broker. Keep on reading to find out.

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Customer Care And Satisfaction

Brokers, like many businesses, offer a service in exchange for a share of the profits and in the case of FX, the spread. So essentially, you are paying these guys to make you more money.

The kind of customer support offered can, to some extent, determine whether you are making money or not. How responsive are they to your emails and calls? If they are not picking or are hard to reach, chances are they will ignore you during an emergency or even worse, when you lose your money.

Brokerage firms are supposed to encourage you to invest wisely. Be careful not to fall for salesy brokerage firms that are only out to pocket your money.

When opening a trading account, brokers tend to be supportive during the process. Don’t be blinded by this but instead test their after-sales services.

They Must Be Legal Entities That Comply With Regulatory Bodies

Trading in the forex market entails handing over your hard-earned money to a secondary party who then facilitates the actual transaction. Outside the FX arena, you wouldn’t consider handing out your cash to anyone and expecting it to accrue some interest.

The same applies to forex transactions. Before you give out your money, due diligence is essential. Any broker or brokerage firm must be a legitimate business.

Additionally, there are regulatory bodies all around the world that distinguish legitimate brokers from dishonest parties. So before you give away your money, take the time to find out if they are recognized by state regulatory agencies and permitted to do business in the region.

Trading Platforms

A large share of trading activity takes place on the broker’s platform. This is where the actual business goes down. The trading platform is essentially the interface on which you can interact with the actual FX market.

As a new trader, go through this space and check out its ease of use. Remember, you are just starting, and you would want a platform that is user-friendly, easy to navigate and remember and most importantly, has enough information which you would use to trade.

Selecting Your Forex Broker, An Ultimate Beginners Guide
Selecting Your Forex Broker, An Ultimate Beginners Guide

A good trading platform, for instance, ought to avail real-time information. The Forex world is continuously shifting every minute and is characterised by its unpredictability. Having the right information and on time could mean the difference between a profit and a loss.


Leverage entices retail traders into the FX scene. This is because, with limited capital, one can still control a sizeable position as opposed to their earlier figures. There is an increase in the reward to be gotten albeit at an equally higher risk.

Forex brokers offer leverage at varying ratios. Higher ratios point to similarly more significant trading risks. Most times, brokers avail capital that traders use to amplify their profit-making possibility. On the flip side, however, devastating losses may occur.

Traders need to understand the implications of using borrowed capital when trading. Additionally, brokers who offer higher than average leverages ought to be ignored.

Loss Protection

Forex trading is a risky affair, and the potential to lose your money is real. That is why traders in this market require a level of passion to continue trading even in the face of uncertainties. Nevertheless, you can offset your fears via loss protection availed by the broker.

A stop-loss order is a means of loss protection initiated by your forex broker. The broker will commence the sale of a security at a particular price, further acting as a sort of insurance policy against the trade making a loss.

As a beginner, it would make sense to go with a broker who mitigates against losses. Doing so ought to raise your trading confidence as your money is protected. Once you get the hang of the risks involved, you can take on even more significant challenges. Even though you will eventually lose money trading currencies, it is always preferable to have a soft landing.

If you are getting started with FX trading, brokers are essential players in the FX market. Because you won’t escape them, master these parameters so that you are aware of your requirements in a forex broker.


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